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About Indian Institute of Foreign Trade


Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) was set up on 2nd of May 1963 with the vision of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as an Institution with a focus on foreign trade related research and training. Since its inception, the Institute has evolved and undergone major transformations and has, over the years, broadened the scope and dimensions of its academic activity that now encompasses the full spectrum of international business.Today, the Institute, in its 52nd year of existence, is widely recognized for its knowledge and resource base, its rich heritage and strong alumni network both in India and abroad. An organization like IIFT grows from within but only after taking the nourishment from its environment.

The more numerous and difficult the challenges thrown up by the surrounding system, the greater has been the effort to come up to the level to meet the emerging tasks. The ever-evolving character of the foreign trade sector continuously throws up new opportunities and challenges which the Institute in its own way attempts to face by redelineating the contours of its activities. The Institute visualises its future role as:
• A catalyst for new ideas, concepts and skills for the internationalisation of the Indian economy
• The primary provider of training and research-based consultancy in the areas of international business for the corporate sector, Government and the students’ community
• An institution with proven capability to continuously upgrade its knowledge base with a view to servicing the requirements of the Government, trade and industry through both sponsored and non-sponsored research and consultancy assignments

The Institute's portfolio of long-term programmes is diverse, catering to the requirements of aspiring International Business executives and mid-career professionals alike. These are:
• Two-year MBA (International Business), New Delhi, Kolkata, and Dar-es-Salaam
• Three-year MBA (International Business) (Part-Time), New Delhi and Kolkata
• Executive Masters in International Business, New Delhi
• Certificate Programme in Export Management, New Delhi

IIFT has, over the years, undertaken path-breaking research studies with organisations like WTO, World Bank, UNCTAD and the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. The Institute has also trained more than 40,000 business professionals across the world in various facets of international business and trade policy via its Management Development Programmes.

In 90s, IIFT took up the role of a world class business school when country needed efficient managers with the unleashing of liberalisation and reforms. And today, IIFT has emerged not only as a leading B-School in the Asia-Pacific but also as a Centre for Excellence in International Business and hub for strategy and research. It is one of the few institutions which have a strong international footprint in Europe and Tanzania.

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