Indian Institute of Foreign Trade: Tradewinds 2018

Valedictory Session: TRADE WINDS 2018


 Valedictory Session
The theme of the valedictory session is Humans vs. Machines or Humans and Machines. The world is at a cusp of technological evolutionary spree and in this increasingly adaptive world, technology is penetrating each and every aspect of our personal and professional lives. With the advent of the Seventh Kingdom of Life, as advocated by Kevin Kelly, TECHNIUM, a superorganism of technology which has its own force. A force which is part-cultural (influenced by and influencing of humans) and partly non-human, partly indigenous to the physics of technology itself. A tussle would ensue between humans and machines, the menial and some advanced jobs would be taken over by technology, and radically different avenues will open up as opportunities for humans.

The objective of this conclave is to analyze and forecast growth and progress pattern for both machines and humans which would be different, however, greatly intertwined with each other as both of them will co-exist in the future world, and the success of global enterprises, governments and humans, hinges on handling the ethical ambiguity that lies within.

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