Indian Institute of Foreign Trade: Tradewinds 2018

Trade Winds

National Operations Summit

Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain: Innovations and Integral Solutions

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, Supply chain & Logistics has emerged as an essential component in achieving operational efficiency. Managing and improving environmental, social and economic performance throughout supply chains helps companies to conserve their resources, optimize processes, uncover product innovations, save costs, increase productivity and promote corporate values. Organizations have realized that they need to continuously update themselves in terms of technology to operate a resilient, responsive and agile supply chain and efficient distribution systems. In this light, the Operational conclave of Trade Winds 2016 is an attempt to address these business challenges.

Such a model that supports mass customization includes visibility, actionable intelligence, and a collaborative ecosystem where the entire chain of trading partners is connected, enabling it to perform as a single network, not as individual companies. Let us find out if this change is here to stay.

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade: Tradewinds 2017