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Trade Winds

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Leveraging Digital Technology to enhance customer connect

In today’s world, the relevance of the phrase, “Customer First”, has become more important than it ever was. In this highly competitive world, where brand loyalty is extremely difficult to attain, it becomes increasingly important for organizations, to take constant feedback from their customers and act upon them as fast as possible.

The ability to deliver a delightful customer experience has become a key differentiator for most organizations. A crucial way of being able to do this is by going "digital". For all the hype that this term generates, we need to understand that it is not a specific application or technology, and also it’s more than simply developing a new website for customers or rolling out mobile devices to the workforce. It is a cultural shift that has data at its core, data which can reveal profound insight about customers' unsaid interests, desires and behaviors. These revelations can further help organizations to work on products, services, deals and promotions, as well as get market direction in new and innovative ways.

Apart from the data benefits, Digital technology is being leveraged in a big way for advertising and promotion of products and services. Digital marketing is a very inexpensive way for organizations to reach their prospective customers, as compared to traditional channels like television, newspapers etc. With the customer attention span reducing from 12 sec to 8 sec, organizations realize the importance of a quick and efficient delivery of the message. Digital marketing provides flexibility to the company to choose when and where the ad will be displayed without the customer even realizing its presence of the ad in some cases.
Hence, going digital is the next big thing for all companies who want to survive in the future competitive environment.

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