Indian Institute of Foreign Trade: Tradewinds 2018

Trade Winds

National Leadership Summit

Strategic agility for growth and competitiveness

More than 20,000 multinationals are operating in emerging economies. According to the Economist, western multinationals expect to find 70% of their future growth there—40% of it in China and India alone. But if the opportunity is huge, so are the challenges to seizing it. The adaptation phase of emerging market makes companies to forgo the profits from sales that is compensated by competitive operating models. There is always a need for business model innovations to create new and profitable revenue streams and find competitive advantage.

As India gets ready to become the next global superpower and tries to bring in a transformational shift in the way it functions, the concept of agile consulting becomes extremely important to address the issues and challenges faced in India. India is mainly seen through the prism of GDP numbers, economic growth indicators, human development indicators, population size etc. And tapping such potential requires frugal innovations and digital aid. Such, Innovations are possible only when the companies reinvest back in right areas and operate efficiently.

In this light, the Leadership conclave of TradeWinds 2016 is an attempt to address these business challenges. Some of the key tracks proposed (but not restricted to) are:


Role of leadership and governance for strategic agility in a rapidly changing business environment

Disruptive innovations that can complement the current system in place and help in rapidly scaling up operations

Importance of becoming lean and agile to focus on aggressive, sustainable growth and flexibility in operating models to account for cost reduction –or for growth

Analysis of the challenges and opportunities associated with creating cost-competitive operating models in the emerging markets

How does going digital enhance the strategic agility of companies and how can it be leveraged for growth in emerging countries

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