Indian Institute of Foreign Trade: Tradewinds 2018

Trade Winds

National HR Summit

Technology Led HR Transformation


In the past few years, we have seen a flurry of interest in developing alternative operating models for the HR function. A search of the web for “new” HR operating models brings up a confusing array of options. There does appear however to be consensus on one point: the HR function needs to transform itself and carve out a new role in order to keep up with business needs and the changing organizational context. The emerging economic landscape (including the aftermath of the recent global downturn), skills deficits, new legislation, globalisation and the changing expectations of the workforce present new challenges for HR. Add to this the increasing emphasis on evidence-based decisions, the struggle to maintain employee engagement and the continued pressure on HR to prove its value to the business, and the inadequacies of current HR operating models are apparent.

Technology has become a crucial game changer in HR management. As e-HR and HR information systems become more widespread, the role of HR itself is slowly transforming. In today’s world technology is getting more advanced each day and HR technology has been one of the area’s leading the pace. Manual systems are fast being replaced by the programmes that allow HR to not just handle employee’s leave and payroll, but also to track performance and plan HR strategy. Technology is also very significant in HR as it helps to increase the efficiency of HR processes, such as the yearly increment process, performance evaluation, and maintenance of personnel and training records. It also increases the speed, makes process easier to monitor and allows easy reporting. By the use of technology in HR practices, processes are made more efficient and reports and statistics can easily be drawn -up through the system. Decisions can be made fast when data are readily available through the system.

For HR executives that need to handle leave administration for an entire region, appropriate technology tools solutions can provide an important tool. When the company is geographically dispersed HR will have to be aware of various government regulations depending on the location. The use of software has made things simpler as the things and details are already built in the system together with all countries in which company is present. This will be extremely beneficial for payroll related information and managing leave for employees.

Technology is no longer something that is nice to have but has become a must have for HR professionals to perform at their optimum. As the wave of technology continues to speed up , those who choose not to ride it will inevitably fall behind.


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