Indian Institute of Foreign Trade: Tradewinds 2018

Trade Winds

National Finance Summit

How will Technology Shape the Future of the Financial Services Industry?

  • The financial industry has gone through tremendous digital transformation in recent years; The surge of cognitive and artificial intelligence (AI), announcements of new digital-mobile payment initiatives, growing acceptance of financial technologies (FinTech), algorithmic trading, robot-advisory in fund management, peer-to-peer lending, using analytics and Big Data for identifying credit risk and many others. While we applaud the disruptive innovation and challenging the status quo, it is easy for us to overlook the premise that how drastically the landscape of the Financial Industry has changed over the last decade and will change over the coming years.

    Financial institutions are now required to find a way for developing new platforms while, overcoming their existing legacy infrastructure. On the hand, start up swill be required to find a way to scale out their business while, facing increased regulations and governance policies.

    In the amidst of all disruptive technologies how is the concept of trust, which is the cornerstone of the Financial Services Industry, will be sustained with the heavy reliance on technology? What new advents are to be expected, and which phenomenon will be lost into obsolescence in the coming years. How can Technology aid us in averting financial disasters such as the 2008 crisis? These are the some of the most enticing topics of 21st Century Finance. As a consequence of the global economy undergoing substantial changes in the recent years, financial technologies have come into spotlight. It is in this regard that we wish for the discussion to focus on the following key points:

    ** The impacts of disruptive technologies in key areas of finance such as Investment Banking, Trading and Sales, Credit Risk, Asset Management etc.
    ** How can technologies like Blockchain and Crypto currencies bring transparency in the Financial System?
    ** Can we expect the advent of a stable universal currency in the coming future?
    ** Will the forces of change compel the big names in financial sector to rethink their business models in some very fundamental ways?
    ** Can Technologies like AI and Big Data identify and mitigate global financial crisis like the one in 2008?
    ** Is the advent of digital payments in emerging markets a signal that cash on the verge of obsolescence?
    ** What are the key skill sets an aspirant must have in order to ensure his relevance in the future of Financial Services? 

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